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GT Get Fit Tip: Proper Time to Hydrate During Workouts

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As the temperature increases and our activities move to the outdoors we want to be mindful of how much water we drink.  I recommend clients drink at least 100 oz of water everyday and when it gets hot and we workout outdoors bump that up to 1 oz per pound of bodyweight.

Here are some quick guidelines on when to hydrate

Before Exercise

  • Drink 15 oz, 2 hours before exercise
  • Drink 8 fl oz, 10-15 min before exercise

Hydration During Exercise

  • Drink 8-10 oz every 10 min during exercise (when thirsty)
  • In exercise bouts longer than 90 minutes, drink 8-10 fl oz of “sports drink” every 15 – 30 minutes to replace depleted electrolytes

Hydration during workouts is important for performance.  You may not be a world-class athlete but if your performance during a workout suffers you won’t burn as many fat calories as possible.

Every 3500 kcals burned equals one pound of fat loss

What’s your favorite “brand” of water and can you taste a difference?

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