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I’m going to go walk

Said no one who is in the best shape they have been in a long time

People who get a bad report from the doctor think they need to start walking.

Not the worst idea especially after the doctor with a 14yr education in medicine gives you the simplest easiest, most boring prescription for exercise and weight loss.

If it’s a simple workout, easy to do and you don’t feel like you just got a workout, then it’s probably not going to yield the best results

The best workouts aren’t long and complicated but structured to take you out of your comfort zone

When we have fear of the unknown, signing up for a $10 gym membership is easy and lets our mind at ease for taking the first step

When you go to that gym it’s easy to see all the people who are on the treadmill, riding the bike, walking around not doing anything, or standing there waiting in thier own comfort zone

When you look or watch somebody in better shape than you and you say “that looks too hard” or “DAMMMM my body can’t do that” then its probably out of your comfort zone and will make you stronger, faster and leaner.



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