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Want to lose some weight – don’t tell your best friend

People start new weight loss programs every 4-6 weeks.  This video uses examples of weight loss goals I see every day in my studio.

People love to please themselves, and they just feel better about starting a new program.  Others give it a 110% all or nothing and blow out in 3 wks, yet some  feel better by telling people they found a better way.

I love to share my goals aloud also, it allows me to alter my short-term goals and stay in line with my long-term focus, although I see his point.  The only thing that matters in weight loss is that you continue on a path that allows you immediate success so that you too can focus on the long-term healthy weight goal.

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After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but Derek Sivers says it’s better to keep goals secret. He presents research stretching as far back as the 1920s to show why people who talk about their ambitions may be less likely to achieve them. (
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