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It’s personal training

Saw this pic and its another reminder to myself about what I do day in and day out.

I love personal training & feel its my job to help people do what they don’t want to so they can achieve something they want (like a healthy body, mind and spirit)

That’s what I want – the trick for me is to find out what you really need & to help you get what you want

Go to the Gym?

Either, not both

Stand out or fit in.

Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it’s always a choice.

Those that choose to fit in should expect to avoid criticism (and be ignored). Those that stand out should expect neither. (Seth Godin)

I get phone calls from people wanting to know my “gym membership” price and I tell them GT Fitness is not a GYM, this is a process that you don’t buy when you “go to the gym”.

This is a different world we live in today compared to the generations past and by striving to be fit and healthy you are being different from the norm

Thank you for being different with me!!

GT Get Fit Tip: Analyzing Your Results

This spring makes my 11th year doing personal training and March is always the BEST and WORST month.  This time in early spring is a great time to analyze your results.  You want to stop now and look at your workouts, nutrition, and recovery to make sure you are on track for spring and summer break.

I track body fat for clients because that’s most important when you talk about being toned, the weight or “mass” is irrelevant when 33% of your total weight is all flabby and muffin top (you skinny bitch!!)  I preach all the time about getting stronger, faster and becoming leaner through a little working out and eating fruits and vegetables, I say it over and over and over again.  Image

My point today is to remind you guys that stepping on the scale and weighing is not the only way to track progress.  We all want to look respectable and some of us even want to be a bad ass about it but I want to remind you to be appreciative of your health and well-being and motivate some one else to be happy too.


What does it take to motivate you to lose -5lbs?

New Year, Busiest Time for a Personal Trainer

Start of 2012 has been great!!

We have been busy down at the studio and already dropped -28lbs the first week of workouts.  That’s a good start and up from last year in 2011 we dropped close to -1000lbs with the WONDERFUL help of Mrs Laura Williams  and her -100lbs results (all by herself)

I have also been hanging with The Robin Shea Show & Southern Fried Fitness  every Tues from 10-11am central talking with her and some wonderful guests about the 80/20 split which is “80% healthy lifestyle and 20% indulgence and 100% southern!!”

This is my first post in quite some time and along with the stuff happenings at the studio, I have recently moved into my first house which has taken up more time.  The house is within 1.5 miles from the studio so if you ever need a quick workout I’m close and ready to go

I am thankful to be busy training bc my real fear is to have to get a real job!!

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