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“Franken-food” or GMO

California is in the midst of passing law “Prop 37” to label food grown in the U.S. to know if their food is being produced as GMO – or genetically modified organism

No safe testing, long term studies, or knowledge of what effects these foods will have over time.

In my opinion over the last 25yrs there has been a significant increase in allergies, mental disease, cancer, youth abnormalities and overall decrease in life expectancy (especially during election years – swine flu & meningitis scare)

The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1983, using an antibiotic-resistant tobacco plant, now over 85% of foods on stores shelves are GMO and we don’t even know which ones

You don’t know what you don’t know, but we all know our Food & Drug Administration has to get better for all of us to live on this Earth, or the sick, weak, poor & uneducated will perish for sure

Check out the Fooducate app that is helping to label GMO food, its FREE!!

GT Get Fit Tip: Best Time for a Jog

This is the best time of year to wake up in the morning and go for a jog or run.  The humidity is low & the temperature is below 75-80F, PERFECT for a jog!!

What if you are like me and DESPISE running? Well….

I admit it, I’m a personal trainer and do not prefer running so I spend +8 hours a day training clients without ever running on pavement,treadmills, black top, concrete or whatever.  People I train have different body types and most are packing a few EXTRA pounds so asking them to go from the couch to a 5k is bit ridiculous in my opinion.

The knees, hips and feet will love you for that one!!

Don’t give up on yourself, there is hope and lots of things we can do to lose a few pounds.

Bang a Gong – Get it on (Dodgeball!!)

GT Get Fit Tip: Chocolate Milk has too much Sugar

A glass of chocolate milk.

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Give your kids chocolate flavored milk in moderation.

Chocolate milk is high in sugar and will contribute to Obesity if drank without responsibility.  White milk has about 14 grams of sugar per serving and chocolate has about 20 grams.  Thats almost as much sugar in a regular coke.

When I was younger there were a lot of “milk does a body good” commercials, not so much anymore.    Some schools may ban chocolate milk over added sugar to eliminate the extra calories from school lunch.

British TV chef Jamie Oliver is on a milk kick trying to add nutritional value to school lunches and uses a California beach’s sand to show how much sugar school kids actually drink.  Watch “Food Revolution” for some useful info.

My personal opinion is that the chocolate milk sells better so they continue to market it as healthy so they can keep profits up.  Milk does have good protein, calcium but telling kids its healthy is not exactly the truth.  The extra calories in food will make kids fat.

Too much of anything is not good –  gluttony of food is not good.

Will your kids be upset if they don’t have chocolate milk at school?

Exercise and Fitness Pioneer Jack LaLanne dead at 96

Jack LaLanne literally inspired millions to live a healthful life although as a kid he didn’t start out as a model of health.


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