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Your Abs, my Abs, every body’s Abs

Wed is Ab day at the studio, my favorite day to train abs.

We all have abs, but some of us have too much fat covering them so they are hidden.  Reduce your body fat percentage significantly and you too will have a six-pack showing.

Check out this anatomy chart, you look like this

But not every body looks like this

Genetics plays a big factor in what you look like.  What genes we get from our parents will determine what we look like, how our muscle is shaped and what definition we can show, not every body is the same.  

These before and after pics are more like it, not everything you see in a magazine is for real!!

Any questions or comments feel free to reply.  If you need a good Ab workout just ask!!

Bulky Women: Say it Ain’t So

Have you ever seen a bulky woman?

I believe these to be bulky women, these are not soccer moms.

They lift weights, they EAT.

They lift weights, they EAT.

They lift weights, they EAT.

(On the 4th day they take steroid injections)

Woman are not naturally made to have “BULKY” muscles

Some men aren’t either.

The only way a human body can grow muscle tissue and become “BULKY” is to workout and provide that muscle with calories and nutrition so it can grow.  There is no other way it can or will happen.

If you are male or female and want to look/feel bulky then you have to evaluate your training and nutrition program.  Muscles need the surplus of calories plus a proper physical stimulation to hypertrophy.

People who eat too many calories and do not workout properly will store more body fat and become Obese.

Muscle is your metabolism and the main way to burn calories and lose body fat, without muscle you have no metabolism.

On the flip side a muscle will atrophy or get smaller if you malnourish it and reduce the amount of calories it recieves.  A strong healthy muscle will lose density if you starve yourself and don’t eat.

Skinny people don’t eat enough, Obese people eat too much.

If you have any questions about burning more body fat or what exercises you need let me know, I can help.

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