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GT Get Fit Tip: Body Mass – How Much Do You Really Weigh?

Heavier one pound of blubber, blood sucking, jelly roll of fat, or a pound of lean, toned,  “fat” burning muscle?

When you talk about body mass or total weight your actually talking about two different things = fat vs muscle.  Lean body mass of the body is made up of bones, organs, muscle and water.

Fat mass is all the weight in fat that’s left over.  Depending on height, age and sex yourBody Mass Index (19-24 optimal)will vary.

My clients often ask how a person who starts an awesome cross training or weight lifting program gain weight before they see a significant loss in body fat?

The answer my friend is because muscle is more dense than fat and fat takes up more room in your pants and shirts.  Muscles also hold water so small increases in lean muscle tissue adds water weight in the initial stages before seeing a big weight or fat loss.

I had one client lose 14inches in her butt, abs and boobs and only 7lbs total.  Muscle will add good weight that is optimal for burning fat when you’re not working out.  Little bit of muscle training will help you to get toned.

Not only will you look and feel better, but live longer.  Being fat will kill you slow and painfully over time, one joint, one organ at a time.  If you need convincing listen to obese people talk about how their feet, knees and back hurt.  Ask somebody who lived with Type II Diabetes for more than 8yrs staying overweight and have their foot amputated because of high blood sugar.  Know somebody that had a heart attack but continues to be overweight and/or smoke?

Tell them you love them, its only a matter of time before they won’t be around, take it from me,  sooner than you could ever imagine.

STOP obesity!! It kills

All of us can, if you will.

Body Awareness – No body like your Body

Body awareness.

Every body has a body, some just look, smell and move differently than others. Live well and long your surely meet all different types of bodies along the way.

There is no body like your body.  Your body has a standard or average weight that is to be maintained for optimal health (BMI).  Depending on weight and height your body mass index or BMI can vary from person to person.  My responsibility as a health specialists is to educate you how to maintain that healthy standard of weight.

I believe Bowling Green has the opportunity to set the standard for health and productivity for the future common wealth of Kentucky.  We are an educated young thriving city that can be the example of what it means to be proactive in healthcare and not reactive sitting at the doctors office waiting to die.

Our state is now top ten in the nation of unhealthiness.  We are obese, have diseased hearts and lungs, and produce a record number of low birth weight children.  Something has to be done, I’m  going “all-in” with healthcare education to significantly improve our standard as compared to the rest of the nation for the next two decades.  We will make a difference by helping administer medication more efficiently and help family and friends be more responsible for what they eat and how much they weigh.

Obesity kills.  Our children eat too much of the wrong things and are now Obese as well.

* Obesity is defined as body mass index (BMI) at or above the 95th percentile of the 2000 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention BMI-for-age growth charts. Children with BMI between the 85th and 95th percentile are classified as overweight. BMI is calculated as weight in  kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. Children age 10-17 are included in this data.

That whole process starts with body awareness.  What you put in your body (food/drink) will have a direct result to how your body feels and functions.  Each person needs to consume an average of around 1800-2200  calories depending on height and age.  Consume more than the ideal recommended allowance for your height and you could become toxic with sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and fat.

Eating “southern” cooked or fried foods  you will be loaded with such toxins.  Processed foods high in sodium, nitrates and preservatives are also toxic to the body.   Getting a piece of grandma’s homemade desert could be a toxin as well if you have not kicked in your metabolism sufficiently to burn off the extra calories.

I want to teach people about “body awareness” and how to lose body fat, which starts by “detoxing” the body of extra fats, carbohydrates and sugars.  A person has to be mindful of what goes into the body and how much they want vs. what they need.  There is no other way.

Eat to live, not live to eat.  Choose between quality and quantity.  Quality is more nutritious for the body.  Quantity is to hard on the body because of toxic fat stores.

You have to negate the extra calories (sugar/candy)from the diet if they can not be eaten with control.  You have to be a responsible cookie owner!!

You have to be in control and accountable for your self.  if you think you need help, help yourself.  Self help is the best help.

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