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Vette City Big Bird 2011: Large Model Aircraft Show

I’ll be out this weekend helping these guys while they fly these bad ass FUN remote control airplanes.

Pilots come from around the southeast area to showcase some skills and of course show off their racks (trailer full of planes)

Some of these airplane toys costs more than a stack of high society ($10,000).  You can feel the thud when one of these planes turns& burns SMASHING into the ground.  You see two-hundred dollar pieces of plastic and foam flying back up into the air,  and the pilots, they stand there shaking their heads or just stare in disgusts.

It’s really a great airfield with lots of room to see the aerobatics and get to know the pilots and learn about the hobby.

I’ve crashed a few foamy’s myself and can’t wait to get out here and see some real flying!!

I hope to learn something


Caught on webcam – Whats the chance of that happening again?

what are the odds, I wonder too?

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