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GT Get Fit tips: Do you like BLT’s?

The BLT is a variety of sandwich containing Ba...

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Not bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches, I’m talking





All these little extra BLT’s add up through out the day to over 350kcals – Thats 30mins of a GT workout!!

The average late night snacker piles on an extra 500kcals eating after supper.

Be mindful of what your eating and WRITE it down if you’re trying to burn fat, every bit helps

Reduce Water Weight? Avoid these Subs at Lunch

Subway (restaurant)

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Sodium in Subway Subs: Subs to Avoid to reduce Sodium

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Those of us watching our calorie and nutrition intake are mindful of what we eat.  To avoid excess water weight and puffiness avoid these Subs

The Subway BMT (bacon, mayonnaise, and tomato) has the highest levels of sodium by far, with a whopping 1900 grams. The Subway Melt, the Coldcut Trio, and the Dijon Horseradish Melt all come in just behind the BMT, with between 1600 and 1800 grams. The average sodium in a Subway sub ranges from 1200-1500 grams, which is still quite a lot for one meal. To make sure not to increase these levels any more than necessary, opt for regular subs rather than “double the meat,” since much of the sodium in a sub is found in the meat, and stick with a 6-inch sub rather than a footlong one.

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