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Where thanks is due – Top 3 reasons

Some of my best clients come from BAC and Total Fitness here in Bowling Green

Top 3 reasons their patrons decide to try out my GT Fitness

  1. intimidated by the big gym (some women feel like “meat”)
  2. feel alone bc they don’t know what exercises to do or how to “diet”
  3. they can’t afford a personal trainer

I wouldn’t have a job without them – I owe it all to Rob and Todd for motivating me to be something different from they

GT Get Fit Tip: Workout at any Age

Big upper body day – We have a great workout targeting shoulders, chest, bicpes, triceps, and abs.

I am using dumbells, machines, suspension training (TRX), a pole, cable machine and aerobic steps.

Watch the cam today #GTfitBG and you will see us in action and the best part of today’s workout is that if you look closely this workout fits all, you will see a nice range of ages from 8yrs old – 67yrs old.

Some gyms in Bowling Green like BAC and Total Fitness do not allow children to train with their moms and dads, not only do I allow it, I loathe the thought of not doing it!!

If you see us doing something today and have any questions please leave a comment, I woiuld love to help you too.

What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?

Does this exercise increase your “efficiency” to burn carbohydrates and fat over time?

Do you eat more calories (fruits&vegs) now than before and still lose body fat?

Does the exercise you enjoy most make you see a difference in your metabolism?

Exercise is can be any structured physical activity.

You don’t need a 12 – month gym membership for that.

Go out and do something FUN!!


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