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GT Get Fit Tip: Average Adult Weight (USA Today)


PMS – my physical, mental & social philosophy

I just met two new clients today, a mother and daughter, after our hour and half consultation/workout it got me thinking about my philosophy of life or PMS

P- physical

M- mental

S- social

PMS is the balance of life and well-being.  When people come to our studio to be trained by personal trainers they typically have an imbalance of PMS and are unhealthy in some way.  One or all of these aspects of health is out of whack and needs attention.

That’s what we do.

Our personal training studio addresses all three of these components and helps each person on an individual level.  We attack the physical and social realms because we maintain a “results oriented environment” guaranteed.  People train with us to get results, this is not a gym, this is a process.  WE workout together among friends and family to achieve better health and in-return we leave with a mental clarity that carries us onward.

You can be out of tune with life if you’re not focused on yourself, how can you help others if you can’t help yourself?

GT Get Fit Tip: 7 Deadly Habits to Unhappiness

7 deadly habits that could be wrecking your midsection and the propensity of unhappiness you have about yourself.

  1. smoking
  2. no sleep
  3. alcohol
  4. stress
  5. not enough H2O
  6. excess cardio
  7. TV


The first step to looking good and being healthy is body awareness, without knowing your body and being mindful of what you’re doing you don’t stand a chance in this life.

Get up, get fit, GET TONED!!

GT Get Fit Tip: Break the Fast (Breakfast)

English breakfast

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Breakfast – break / fast

Essentially the word breakfast means break the fast from a night or about 8hrs of not eating and drinking.

If you have more fat stored on your body than you want and you skip breakfast regularly, read this:

Eating supper at 7pm and not eating lunch till 12pm is 17hrs WITHOUT food!!  That’s way to long to force your body without nutrition, a body that is malnourished will be starved.  When your body goes into starvation mode it will gear up to store body fat so anything you eat your body works hard to convert it to fat and stored somewhere (maybe your abs, hips, or thighs) for later use.

If you are trying to lose body fat and don’t break the fast from night, then you’re not getting the metabolism going for the day and you’re not going to burn as many calories as you need to make a difference.  You have to have energy or nutrition to burn fat and here is a list of 100 foods that add energy and productivity to your day.

I know you will find something you like, if not send me yours and I will add it to my list.

GT Get Fit Tip: Sweating and Body Heat

How hot is hot?

Exercising in the heat has its benefits.  I’m not talking about outside in the blazing lemon yellow sun but in a controlled environment like a personal training studio.

When you exercise outside you have to be mindful of the Heat Index, when we train at my studio its between 80-85º with fans blowing and little a/c.  There is a science behind this.

Cardiac Drift – this refers to the increase in “Q” (or cardiac output) and body temp.  As body temp increases so does Q therefore you burn more calories when you exercise in the heat.

Convection – when your body temp rises, the fans blowing air while you workout have a cooler temp and therefore act as air-conditioning to the body and helps keep you cool.  Once you have completed  the “warm-up” phase of your workout, you should have a nice sweat going and can feel the cool air.

Evaporation – when you start to sweat the heat is trapped in the sweat (filtered blood through the skin) and dripped down your shirt or on to the floor.

Radiation – after your workout and shower, when you sit down on a cool couch the heat from your body will be radiated to the furniture and walls that are warmed by your higher body temp

This is just a simple overview of how your body cools itself, people who sweat a lot are the ones that can keep themselves cooler when they need it.  The people that do not induce sweating are the ones that you have to worry about over heating.

GT Get Fit Tip: Protein for Breakfast

Green Eggs and Ham

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Green eggs and ham anyone?

Eating more protein for breakfast helps stave off bloating and water retention through out the day.  When people eat a lot carbohydrates your body absorbs water and makes your weight go up.

Carbs and starch are broken down easily and if you have a less physical demanding job then they converted to sugar, cholesterol and stored as fat.

Protein takes more energy to digest and you kick-start your metabolism in the mornings eating eggs, seeds & nuts, bacon, ham and sausage to name a few.  Having a revved up metabolism sorta like an internal furnace keeps you burning the carbs and fat you eat even when your not working out.  When you do hit the right type of workouts you will be burning fat off your body for energy and not the carbs you ate for breakfast.

If you have any good protein breakfast ideas please let me know – i’m hungry

GT Get Fit Tip: Chocolate Milk has too much Sugar

A glass of chocolate milk.

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Give your kids chocolate flavored milk in moderation.

Chocolate milk is high in sugar and will contribute to Obesity if drank without responsibility.  White milk has about 14 grams of sugar per serving and chocolate has about 20 grams.  Thats almost as much sugar in a regular coke.

When I was younger there were a lot of “milk does a body good” commercials, not so much anymore.    Some schools may ban chocolate milk over added sugar to eliminate the extra calories from school lunch.

British TV chef Jamie Oliver is on a milk kick trying to add nutritional value to school lunches and uses a California beach’s sand to show how much sugar school kids actually drink.  Watch “Food Revolution” for some useful info.

My personal opinion is that the chocolate milk sells better so they continue to market it as healthy so they can keep profits up.  Milk does have good protein, calcium but telling kids its healthy is not exactly the truth.  The extra calories in food will make kids fat.

Too much of anything is not good –  gluttony of food is not good.

Will your kids be upset if they don’t have chocolate milk at school?

GT Get Fit Tip: less Carbs and Water to minimize bloating at night

Cartoon example

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When you eat a lot of carbohydrates (carbs) you will retain more water.  Carbs are sorta like sponges and they will soak up water which will make you keep extra weight.

A gallon of water weighs about 8lbs and it’s not unusual for a person’s weight to fluctuate 2-8lbs any given day.  The best time to weigh is in the morning after you use the bathroom and before you step into the shower.  The worst time to weigh is at night after eating and drinking all day.

When you are trying to cut “weight” the best thing to do is to limit your carb intake and keep most carb consumption in the mornings for brain food.  When you cut carbs you will begin to notice striations and more definition in your arms, legs, and abs.

Your body does not want to be bloated and look puffy, drink MORE water and eat less carbs (and sugar).  Limit pastas and rice when trying to lose water weight.

Let me know if you need a trainer.

GT Get Fit Tip: Sleep Hygiene

Getting a good nights sleep is paramount with health and well-being.  The amount of sleep time we have during the dark night can be limited due to life’s stress, so the time you do have to sleep should be of high quality.

Poor sleep hygiene could be the reason you feel the way you feel about yourself, family, work, or life in general.  A tired body is a stressed body that will not perform to its highest capability, therefore you could find yourself on the short end of the goals and aspirations you seek.

Good Sleep Hygiene:

  1. avoid caffeine before bed
  2. avoid hot & spicy foods before bed
  3. exercise regularly
  4. have a cool sleeping environment
  5. eliminate TV before bed (swap for radio)
  6. check your medications for non-drowsiness
  7.  arthritis, acid reflux with heartburn, menstruation, headaches and hot flashes interrupt sleep
  8. start in your favorite sleeping position
  9. try meditation or relaxation techniques before bed
  10. reserve the bed for sex and sleep
These are some quick tips you can do at home, if you feel like you need special attention you can seek your physcian for help, or if your old school like me I don’t believe in “restless-leg syndrome” but I do beleive in working all day and being dead tired ready for a good nights rest.
If your body is tired, you will sleep.
Buenos noches!!!
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