Your Abs, my Abs, every body’s Abs

Wed is Ab day at the studio, my favorite day to train abs.

We all have abs, but some of us have too much fat covering them so they are hidden.  Reduce your body fat percentage significantly and you too will have a six-pack showing.

Check out this anatomy chart, you look like this

But not every body looks like this

Genetics plays a big factor in what you look like.  What genes we get from our parents will determine what we look like, how our muscle is shaped and what definition we can show, not every body is the same.  

These before and after pics are more like it, not everything you see in a magazine is for real!!

Any questions or comments feel free to reply.  If you need a good Ab workout just ask!!

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Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. i need a good ab workout !

  2. here is a workout you can try – we do this in the studio

    Ab workout
    25 leg lifts
    30 bicycle crunches
    40 side plank crunches
    50 crunches (10lb weight)
    60 oblique twists (15-20lbs weight)
    50 crunches (10lbs weight)
    40 side planks crunches
    30 bicycle crunches
    25 leg lifts

  3. Another decent ab routine with less volume and focuses more on weight would be:

    12×4 weighted decline situps
    10×4 weighted straight leg raises
    10×4 weighted standing side bends
    15×2 weighted side bends on back machine

  4. awesome sets!! I love doing leg raises!!

  5. Making use of your own backyard is a great way to add to your exercise plan and become more fit overall without having to travel to the gym or to your local studio. There are a variety of workouts that you can tailor to your own situation, backyard arrangements and time constraints in order to maximize your space and get great fitness results.

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