Your weight, it fluctuates

Since Monday I’ve had a 5lb weight fluctuation and today I am down those 5lbs instead of up.  The best time to weigh is first thing in the morning after you use the bathroom before you get in the shower (jay-bird nekkad)

Typically people fluctuate 2-8lbs any given day, but when people start to be accountable for nutrition that variation will flow about 2-4lbs.

My favorite day to weigh is Monday, if your down on Monday then you will be down for the week, if your up 3lbs on Monday, then you will have work two or three days to get those few extra pounds off.

Most humans retain water if they eat sodium and carbs, if you eat less sodium and carbs you can quite possible store less water

Depending on your body type (endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph) you could retain more or less water depending on what you eat for the day.

One of the biggest advantages of the 10 day food challenge is to establish good eating habits that you can reflect and narrow down your fluctuations.

I believe your diet is what you are, not what you do.

If you don’t know your fluctuation weigh 4x a week, you will find it

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  1. Yep, carbs play a big role in water weight. Pair that with a vigorous cardio routine and you will have crazy fluctuating water levels from day-to-day.

    This is also why I recommend people to limit weighing themselves once a week. Good post.

  2. Well i really don’t recommend weighing at all, especially if you want to lose fat. Fitness trainers that I have spoke with always tell me not to look at the weighing scales they say that its better if you just get a tape measure and get the measurement around your waist. And I think its more effective that way.

  3. I can argue both ways, but i believe if you don’t weigh then you aren’t being accountable for how much food you eat – what do you think?

  4. If you don’t weigh Alex, how can you know if your losing fat? Do you know?

  5. You should keep your workouts to a little under an hour. After sixty minutes the body begins to produce a hormone called cortisol which can have a testosterone blocking effect. This hormone will decrease the effectiveness of your workout for every minute you spend exercising over an hour. Save time and get the same results.

  6. good point – I always train people for 30-50 mins – there’s more to life than “working out” i tell my clients

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