On a personal note

today I want to post and say something a little more personal. I usually post “business” stuff or things related to health & fitness on my blog & Facebook to motivate & teach the folks at the studio

My posts aren’t for everyone and I know that, plus there is ample room for improvement which makes me very happy as well

I have met so many different people doing personal training in Bowling Green (the mom, dad, wife, kids, girlfriend, grandma-pa, the alone ones, the depressed & happy ones, also the sick, weak, mentally, socially and physically challenged ones too. Don’t forget the lairs, cheaters, rich, poor, religious & atheist to name a few) I am so amazed and blessed to meet you

Most important though and the one I appreciate most about my work dealing with everyday people, and that’s the excuses. I heard them all especially when it comes to this 10 day food challenge

You wouldn’t believe the excuses people give to me why they can’t eat better quality foods!!

It actually infuriates me, what earthly human being would not benefit from healthy daily nourishment to their body and why?

If you have an answer or comment please share – I can list some excuses for you to so maybe you can have a better one next time – Haha jk!!

About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. David, the answer is simple. We are human. We fail time and time again. And, we know we are weak. So, we come before you ashamed and hurting inside. We want to be successful so much so that we are look for a quick fix….which is why we make our pitiful excuses. We know that you are aware of our “excuses” that we bring to you in hopes you will let us “slide by” just one more time. And what makes you so good at what you do is you do not berate us for our shortcomings . And just how do I know so much…….I was there many times. I walked through your doors with my dignity……and, thanks to you and your sensitive nature, I walked out with my dignity and the promise to myself to be more compliant. Please, don’t give up on people like me. We need you. I remember giving you a far fetched excuse and your reply was “I understand”. And you did. You knew it was just a lame excuse…but you allowed me that moment with the promise of doing better. So, I thank you, David. And please don’t give up on people like me who continue to need your guidance and understanding.

  2. hello Barb!!
    thank you so much for the feedback and I want to say first and foremost that I appreciate you and everything you say. PLUS I want to add courage – you & many others have shown tremendous courage showing up at the studio despite all life’s obstacles that thwart your path.

    I love excuses – you’re right, I don’t always say something but when people give excuses for life at least I know where they’re coming from and how I can try to help their health and well-being.

    as for giving up, one of my biggest fears is that one day nobody will show up at the studio and I will have to go get a real job some place punching a clock!!

    I want to also let you know that your name is beloved here and we frequent it quite often and I’ve heard you been doing awesome work (thirty something) in the pool – so glad to hear from you again

  3. David, seeing you yesterday was such a joy for me. I can’t explain why, but I have this mother’s pride for you. As for me, I have no excuses, only weakness. I have struggled with my weight all of my life. Even when I didn’t have a weight problem, I always thought I did. Now as I am older, it has become life threatening and quality of life threatening. I have come to feel that I “deserve” those french fries or that extra glass of wine, and I feel deprived, almost angry when I don’t indulge in it. It is hard to fathom that if you can give up some things, your life will be better because it feels like if you totally indulge yourself that you will be happy. Does this make any sense? I love you and am ready to reach my goal this time!

  4. we had a wonderful chat!!

    Best part about it was you were so POSITIVE!! you brightened my day for sure and I told several people i saw YOU again – haha

    I’m happy you are doing our food challenge and I’m glad Mark is doing well, maybe he will be up for it

    Thank you for reading my blog and if there’s ever any question or topic I can post about let me know please

    See you before August 1st!!

  5. Marilyn, Lauren, my sister, Connie, and I are going to do the challenge. I may talk to Barb, too, even though she has lost 30 lbs. What now? When do you come over and do your thing?

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