GT Get Fit Tip: Amino Acid’s

All the talk the past few years has been about Carbs (CHO), Sugar & Fat and how much weight we have been gaining.  I do believe as Americans we over consume calories but instead of harping on CHO & Sugar I want to now focus on Amino Acids.

Amino Acids are what you get when break down protein and are essential to the primary functions of human movement and survival.  Amino acids make up 75% of the human body and are essential to nearly every bodily function and chemical reaction that takes place.

There are about 20 amino acids that are found in plants and animals with 8 “essential”  amino acids that the body can’t produce and have t be consumed in the diet.

Some Questions I will answer in the next few posts

  1. What are the 8 essential Amino’s Acids (AA’s)?
  2. Where are the best sources?
  3. What relationship does muscle and amino acids have?
  4. How do AA’s help when I workout?
  5. When is the best time to supplement with AA’s?

About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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