Personal Training 101: Fat vs Muscle

Which is heavier, 5lbs of FAT or 5lbs of MUSCLE?

Muscle is more dense and fat has more displacement.

I have been a personal trainer since 2001 and this question is the one I hear most from people who are being less accountable with what they eat and how much activity they do.

The most important thing to learn here is that all the muscle in your body is what burns all the fat in your body.  Women will QUIT a training program because they “feel” they are getting “TOO BIG”!!

Muscle is lean, fat is flabby but 5lbs is 5lbs

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  1. Great post! I also like the picture a ton.

    It’s sad to me that the health and fitness industry hasn’t fully educated women yet on the virtue of gaining muscle mass. A pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories a day, and women always want faster metabolisms… yet, they’re still terrified of weights because of stupid trainers and companies that scare them with the fictitious assertion that they’ll get “bulky”.

    This is a much needed post! Thanks for putting it up, David.

  2. thank you very much
    Fit is the new skinny!!
    weight training is the best thing for the heart – bigger the heart, the more love!!

  3. Great post David, I’m trying to get my readers to understand the same… You need a strong CORE in order to lose and keep off weight! Lifting weights doesn’t mean you are going to be a body builder over night ladies! lol.

  4. great point – that’s what I preach day in and day out

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    Fat vs. Muscle – which is heavier?

  6. I like the visual – really sends the message home that you’re trying to get across. I don’t understand why some women are scared of weight training – you’d have to do an awful lot to get so bulky that it is started to be deemed unfeminine.

  7. Just came across your site while doing my research. This actually makes a lot of sense with that pictures you’ve posted. Thanks!

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