GT Get Fit Tip: Visceral Fat Picture worth 250lbs

This picture is 250lb woman on the left and 120lbs woman on the right

The white stuff is fat – you can see the visceral (organ) and subcutaneous (skin) fat distribution throughout both females.

Look closely at the organs and heart.  See the fat that surrounds the vitals?  That’s visceral fat and what contributes to heart attacks and strokes.

Look close again and you can see how the lower legs on the left have “bowed” to compensate for the extra weight.

The extra white is bad news for being in shape and healthy – we can’t always see it and its a silent killer.

About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. I have not seen pictures like this before — very interesting comparison.

  2. A definite eye opener.

  3. I saw this and had to re post

  4. it was nice seeing you the other day Margie – I hope you feel better soon and come down to the studio when you do

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