Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Knowing is Preventing

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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month which happens to be the biggest killer among cancers for women.

Although I don’t have cancer (yet) both my parents smoked and both grandfathers died of cancer, I recently was lucky enough to participate in an Ovarian Cancer Seminar this past week at the  Christ Episcopal Church where I got to listen to some excellent presentations by surgeons who are fighting the battle on the front lines.  They brought some great insight and information on the war they fight each day to help people survive.

They talked big on genetic marker tests, which will help identify “who” is at increased risk for developing ovarian cancer which they can use to keep regular check-ups to catch the disease early as possible.  While I really appreciate this kind of data and presence available to the patient, another part of me sees it different.

My feeling is that knowing you are at an increased risk, buying and paying for insurance premiums (healthcare is a business) you still can not and will not at this point, prevent cancer from developing in your body.  What you can do though is be prepared, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally for the opportunity to fight your own battle, God forbid it ever comes.

Only the strong survive, and keeping your body prepared to fight infection and disease is the only thing you can do to decrease your risk of developing cancer and hopefully increase your chance of living through such dreaded and painful times.

The best thing you can do, is increase your knowledge and awareness with a plan that can help you live!!

Release yourself from the negatives, the stress, worry, and mental strain you can put on.  We can not stop cancer from forming in our bodies, but we can enjoy each other and the days we have left together.

That’s just my opinion (thank you Miliska)

Here is a link to the story from the seminar last weekend.

“Genetic markers seen as key in ovarian cancer”


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  1. Thank-you, David, for your upbeat and positive presentation at the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Seminar! You were the “toast” of the afternoon!


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