Running Apps Improve Performance

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Summer season is full swing and now is the time to get out and enjoy life.  This time of year always takes us to the Dog Park to do our 1.9 mile runs.  We are currently meeting at 730 a.m. every morning and some of us use GPS apps like RunKeeper to keep track of progress.

There are several other apps out there to use and Nike+ has a good one as well.  They all have similar features and settings so choose the one that you like the best and stick with it.  Building a database of runs helps you track your progress on distance, speed, time, and calories burned.

The motivating part comes when you can look at your stats and see your improved performance overtime.  Trying to beat the last run is how you get better.

We all want to be healthy but most of us just want to look good and using a $2.99 running app is a cheap place to start.  Spend the change in your app store and put this on your phone for your next run.  This will help you get motivated and encourage you to workout even when you do not want to.

The run app never misses a workout.

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