GT Get Fit Tip: Protein for Breakfast

Green Eggs and Ham

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Green eggs and ham anyone?

Eating more protein for breakfast helps stave off bloating and water retention through out the day.  When people eat a lot carbohydrates your body absorbs water and makes your weight go up.

Carbs and starch are broken down easily and if you have a less physical demanding job then they converted to sugar, cholesterol and stored as fat.

Protein takes more energy to digest and you kick-start your metabolism in the mornings eating eggs, seeds & nuts, bacon, ham and sausage to name a few.  Having a revved up metabolism sorta like an internal furnace keeps you burning the carbs and fat you eat even when your not working out.  When you do hit the right type of workouts you will be burning fat off your body for energy and not the carbs you ate for breakfast.

If you have any good protein breakfast ideas please let me know – i’m hungry

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  1. Janice Lindgren

    I just say “Amen” to more protein in the morning. My husband eats a large bowel of cereal and is not hungry for hours.
    I eat a med. sized bowl of cereal and feel hunger pangs in 2 hours. I feel like I’m starving.

    However, if I eat bacon and eggs, I am fine until lunch.

    Or if I had had cereal,-then later when I feel hungry I will have some peanut butter on a cracker, or a piece of cheese, which may not be is good. Not many people seem to recognize we need protein.

    Trouble is, I still can’t shave off some extra weight. Bye.

  2. justtryingtofillout

    Good stuff, man. I’m trying to figure out my breakfast situation — always in a hurry and never quite getting enough for breakfast. If I’m trying to gain muscle, how much should I try to eat in the morning (if there is a right answer). Also, if I’m working out in the morning, what should I eat before I work out (I assume that the bulk of calories/protein should come after lifting)?

  3. good place to start is 1.8g of Pro for every pound of body weight – track your daily calories and weight gain for 3wks – if your gaining too much body fat back off 250kcals a day to lean back out

    once you figure out the best daily caloric intake for your body and lifting program then gaining 20lbs is a matter of weeks – (8-15 wks probably)

  4. WE all need protein – good point

    climb extra stairs to burn extra calories – thats what i do

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