GT Get Fit Tip: 5 bad habits that can keep you over weight

Fat Camp (South Park)

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Packing around some extra pounds?

Here are 5 BAD habits that keep people from losing body fat:

1.  Eating to feel pleasure or comfort (u feel guilty/ugly after)

2.  Night snacks (average person eats 500 calories after supper)

3.  Buying too much food at the grocery ( don’t buy it, don’t bring it home, don’t eat it)

4.  Eat on impulse (don’t go eat just because your friend called or somebody brought cookies to the office)

5.  Living to eat NOT eating to live

Some bad habits are hard to break but the first phase of any weight loss program is becoming aware of what and why you eat.  Think of the big picture and making little changes along the way that will add up and lead you to a healthy fulfilling life.

These are just a few of the bad habits I encounter most

If you have others or need help/advice leave a comment


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