Spring Clean your Fridge – Spring clean your Health

I Heart Cleaning

Image by Valerie Morrison via Flickr

Spring is here along with more sunshine and motivation to get things done.  During winter months when the weather is cold more time is spent indoors with family and the warmth from love and food keeps us going until Old Man Winter sleeps again.

When the Easter lily’s and daffodils are seen popping through, and all those little birds sound so happy at the break of day, only means one thing, SPRING CLEANING!!  I’m not talking about window washing or garage cleaning (good for depression), I want people to take the time and spring clean your fridge, spring clean your mind, and your body.

When the hint of winter is near, most animals scurry to eat and plump their body with extra fat to use as energy and warmth.  My belief is that humans feel the same way and we prepare just as well.   We depart the summer with a Labor Day celebration, we eat candy during Halloween, over stuff at Thanksgiving and Christmas than top it off with the Superbowl, March Madness, Valentines Day, and Easter dinner.  By winters end when add the months and times of eating with family, we have plenty fat storage built up and ready to burned for Spring.

Some of us plan New Years to make changes for weight loss, that’s awesome although the majority will fizzle by February.  If you have started a weight loss plan and have stuck to it and have seen results, CONGRATS to you.  By this time of year, some people are stuck in a plateau and not seeing results they once did in the beginning of a new diet or workout program.  You really  just need another boost in your nutrition or exercise routine to give your body a JOLT!!.

If you’re looking for another BOOST or trick start losing fat again here’s my Hi-5 to that

  1. Soda – clean out all “regular” sodas and start drinking less “diets” (aspartame)
  2. Cut Dairy and cheese consumption – good for calcium & protein but adds extra calories
  3. Don’t keep extra Juices – good for vitamins but adds extra sugar calories to your diet
  4. Frozen Foods (tv dinners, “health choice” meals) – easy to fix but pack extra sodium and carbs
  5. Sauces/dressings – awesome assortment of flavors out there but most are loaded with sugar and sodium to add taste

If you spring clean your fridge I am most certain your body, your mind and overall well-being will follow.  When you rid yourself of all those extra carbs, starches and sugars, your body will start to take shape by utilizing its natural fat stores from the winter for energy and you will see it all come together as the Summer months approach.  You have to have a balanced approach in your nutrition and physical activity focusing on both aspects because you can’t have too much of one without the other and expect great results.

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Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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