Importance of Carbs to BURN Fat


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Carbs are important to the human body when it comes to energy.  Carbs or carbohydrates, are the basis of vegetables, fruits, grains, and milk.  The importance lies in the essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fibers and water found in each gram.

When I say “cut carbs” I’m not referring to the Atkins Diet to eat just bacon and sausage.  Identify the starchy, white and processed carbs that are found throughout the store in most packaged foods.   Eat fewer low-quality carbs and focus on lean, high-quality protein meals so your stomach becomes full in less time and you eat fewer calories overall.

By eliminating extra carbs from your diet you then afford the body an opportunity to tap into fat stores for burning energy.  If you eat processed carbs all day the body burns more sugar than if you ate just vegetables and protein.

Who eats just protein and vegetables?

People who want to burn more fat, that’s who!


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