Back Pain Relief – Transverse Abdominis Workout

Back pain is caused when the lumbar push against the nerves that run through the spine.

Some of the most common causes of PAIN are

34 week twin belly picture

The irritation and inflammation is sometimes so brutal tha people will resort to narcotics and their side effects just to get through the day.

I recommended stretching and losing weight first, but for most strengthening the transverse abdominis is a great place to start.

Transversus       abdominus from the front

Think back to Dolly, the TA is what wraps around your stomach and helps you squeeze in and out when you breathe and sing.  The TA supports the spine and helps keep it erect and intact while the body is torqued or put under physical stress throughout the day.

Back pain is not normal so if you break it down to the cause you help build from the source up.  Try these simple exercises for starters

also watch : HARD (but correct) way to do PLANKS


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