GREAT NEWS – she listened and WON!! the “science” of Weight Loss(-4lbs)


Had a consultation the other day and I applied the latest research on sugar I learned just days before to a client that had hit a 4wk plateau in weight loss.

She lost 8lbs and 6 inches the first 6wks  (see video) but didnt lose anything the last 4wks.  I looked at her nutrition and made a 300 calorie suggestion on her intake and talked to her about the SUGAR she was consuming in her diet.  For her the changes were simple bc I knew where her metabolism was and what the  “science” of her body was telling us.

1 week later, 2 days before she leaves for the beach during Fall Break, she messaged me on FaceBook and said that it worked and she is down 4lbs MORE!!!


About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. Hi David & Lori
    I am Lori’s Mom and when I talked to Lori on Sunday – I told her a few years ago the same thing happened to me and that they increased my caloric intake and I started losing lbs again.

    Lori is a very determined, regimented and self disciplined individual and will see this thru until she reaches her goal – Sounds like she has a great trainer – keep up the good work the both of you


  2. Yes, Yes, Yes You know your daughter well Ellen- she is all that and the epitome of what I am trying to accomplish here in Ky. I really appreciate her work ethic and it shows because she leads by example when she trains now, people follow her. I have been fortunate that Lori has found my program and you should be very proud of what she is doing here with us, I am.

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful things the both of you said about me, they are very touching to the point of putting tears in my eyes. Thank you to my mom for encouraging me to grow up to be this determined, regimented and self disciplined individual and to David for his passion to make everyone as healthly, lean and strong as they can be. Without my determination and David, instead of being 15 lbs lighter, stronger then ever and 8 inches smaller I would be sitting on the couch doing nothing and 20 pounds heavier than I was 4 months ago. It’s a good thing I made that phone call to Get Toned 4 months ago b/c I’m winning this battle and saving my life!

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