“Abs Day” is not about Abs

Quick thought before I go and do this Ab workout on Wed – (awesome morning session btw)

AB day is not about the Abs.  Abs day is on Wed, I like it on Wed bc it gives me a chance to see who’s been to workout the beginning of the week and who is getting their mind right for the weekend.  I can pick out the drinkers, the over eaters, and the coach potatoes left and right all day long.  Guaranteed on Mon the weight will be up on the same people  each week.

I hate redundancy – it kills me, I hate to see people losing the same 3-5 lbs every week.  I want to move on to bigger and better goals.  But it’s not about me it’s about You.

You choose to be healthy, You choose to workout, You choose to be an example for others.

To those of you who do Abs on Wed

Thank You

About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. I am SO glad that I was there yesterday because I am working so hard to achieve each goal along the way to the ultimate which is to GET TONED and maintain. I am excited every time I shed another pound and step closer to being a lean, mean GT machine!!!!!
    If through this process I don’t achieve my goals then I have only one person to blame and that is ME. Through GT and the 2 fab trainers I have been more than well equiped with the tools and means to be the healthiest ever and stay that way.
    I have been dedicating myself to the work-outs and have put the process to work. I thought changing my eating habits would kill me, come to find out it was my eating habits that were slowly killing me! That was the easy part now that I see it the way it should be, “Eat to Live, NOT live to eat” (thanks David)
    At mile marker 5 weeks I stand proud to say I have lost 10# and my BMI and body fat% have decreased in ways only my hard work could do!!!
    If I could get just a handful of others who are stuck in my old habits to open their eyes to GT Fitness I would feel like I’ve changed lives.

    Thanks again and forevermore David, Jessie and GT Fitness and all of you other wonderful friends I have met along my journey thus far.

  2. AWESOME reply!!!

    job well done Rebecca – you have stepped up and made a difference in yourself and your family. Without that our program is useless, THANKS!!

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