If “Protein Powder” worked it wouldn’t be sold at the mall

Do protein powders really work?

Walk into a vitamin shop or “general” nutrition center and you will find a whole wall dedicated to protein powders to build muscle.  Pick up three different containers and each one will have a “special blend” or additive to make it the best choice over the others.

If your confused about what you’re seeing, ask the store clerk about whats best (typically a high school or college student)  and they will point you to the newest or “hottest” selling item.  If your lucky enough to catch the Manager on Duty (maybe a store clerk who has been there over 5 yrs) they can help be more specific about the benefits.

The problem with protein powder is that it wont work unless you workout.  It doesn’t work if your body doesn’t absorb the micronutrients.  It doesn’t work if you don’t have a proper recovery period.

So what does a protein powder do?

Depending on what brand or blend you have all a protein shake does is add extra calories to your day.  You have to have extra calories to add muscle but you also have to have a stimulus or reason to add muscle  –  workout.

I do not pimp out protein powders in my studio.  I do not believe what celebrities say in ads or in magazines.  I have studied all the components of human movement and nutrition during research in graduate school and the effects of protein powder through trial & errors in my own personal life.

I believe in well-balanced diet high in lean, quality protein supplemented with a variety of plant-based carbohydrates.  Equally as important, 20 mins of  structured physical activity most days of the week with friends and family enjoying life.

That’s the key.  A sound physical regiment will improve lean body muscle whether male or female, a muscle will not grow if it doesn’t have to.  There is no better way to spend time than doing something fun with your friends or loved ones.

You have to motivate yourself  to make change to your body.  There is no body like your body.  Everyone must get toned.

Do you think stirring chocolate powder in a glass of milk is  going to cut it?


About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. Yes it does support and help 🙂

    Nutreas Whey Protein

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