“I learned it by watching you!!”

“I learned it by watching you!!”

Remember that PSA about drugs?  Speaking of drugs, I had no idea what “drugs” were until I got to college.  Back in 3rd grade a local Officer Friendly came to our class with cocaine, pot, and LSD that’s when I was first introduced to street drugs, by the Owensboro City Police Department

“Hey Dad, guess what I learned in school today?”

Thanks to an internship at the hospital and 7yrs employment did I learn the true meaning of “drugs” and how they worked exactly.  Everybody is on them.  All walks of life, all types of people, for all types of things.  There is a pill or drug for everything.  Any shape, size, color or flavor, get them from a doctor with a prescription and they call it legal, get it from a drug dealer in a baggie and they call it a controlled substance.

Have kids?

They learn this by watching you.

Now I love my Doctor, he’s not to blame.  They say its lack of education or awareness that faults our choices about personal health.  So here’s a free tip, learn about your body.  Everything you put into your body, good or bad, will cause a reaction.  especially food and drugs.  Thats why they impose regulations on what we eat and take for medication.

Be accountable for what you eat, excess food causes buildup of fat stores that impede organ function which can effect our health.  Being more than 10lbs overweight  can cause emotional and physical stress.   Respect your loved ones by maintaining a standard of weight that does not cause direct harm to your body.

Think about this, you can save money and your health now, and spend more time with family and friends later.   If you have small children and they see their mom and dad overeating and disrespecting their bodies, what more can they learn.

They learn it by watching YOU!!


About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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