Dieting is the worst way to lose weight

Dieting is the worst way to lose weight.

Too much diet or too much exercise can have negative results on the body and cause body function breakdowns.  Let me repeat; there has to be a tasteful compliment of nutrition and exercise for a person to maintain a healthy body.  One without the other is counterproductive.

Everyone is unique, so taking a workout, or eating plan from a magazine may not suit you as well as the paid celebrity on the front cover.

There is a better way, relax and take a minute to focus on the big picture, your overall health.  Make small realistic changes that you can stick with physically and mentally.

There is a distinction between healthy body weight and fat unhealthy weight.  There has to be fat on the body, this is called “essential body fat” that our organs use to keep us alive and well.

When you are +10lbs overweight you have to consider losing that body fat.   The average healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week of fat, not muscle.  Its hard to get in “shape” if you don’t do strength training exercises to shape the body.  Doing excessive cardio longer than 20 minutes will signal the body to store fat for fuel during long runs, not to mention the extra stress on the joints.

We want to build muscle tone that is the foundation of our metabolism, essentially the more lean tissue we have the more fat we burn when we are not exercising.  We increase our metabolism.

Our genetics will determine how efficiently we gain/ lose body fat and muscle, so don’t sweat it.

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Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. Butterfly Rider

    Mr. Nuckols,

    I read your article “Foot Pain from Wearing Heels or Working Out” in a recent edition of the Amplifier with great interest and a bit of amusement. The second sentence states “We can’t walk or stand upright without a big toe (try it)”, well I do more then try it, I do it everyday. In August of 2009 I not only had my right big toe removed but also the metatarsal bone removed from an infection that started from a tiny scratch. The recovery has been rough, and I’ve had some balance issues, but I stand upright very well, and with the help of a custom made insole, I walk without even a limp.

    The article also says that you have made educating people about personal health and fitness your lifelong quest, I thought I would give you a heads up about walking and standing without a big toe. I applaud your efforts about educating people, but being a teacher myself, I couldn’t resist the chance to educate you about this little topic. Keep up the good work.

    Take care,
    Butterfly Rider

  2. My point was about the balance importance of the “big toe” but I said “try it” to be funny, sorry if I didn’t humor you.

    I appreciate the insight on this post and I want to say thank you for reading.

    Glad to hear that you have recovered and adapted well.

  3. Butterfly Rider

    I was humored by the statement because a year ago I would have thought the exact same thing.

    The balance importance of the big toe is a real issue. In fact, the hardest thing I do everyday is shower, try it standing on one foot, lol.

    I would be interested in knowing what you would recommend, exercise wise, for someone that has my “limitations”. The biggest one being that with the insole and metbar in my shoe, bending the foot is difficult. A normal stride is possible, but I am afraid running is out of the question, stairs are difficult as well. I have considered some sort of water exercise program, but am not sure of the value of that.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Take care,
    Butterfly Rider

  4. Water is tremendous exercise for your situation and will only have value if you personally utilize and value it.

    I help my clients overcome all types of limitations and although each person is unique, the end result is the same when you talk about health and fitness.

    MY favorites are rowing and are interval training based exercise that we do in my studio. You can do both on your foot with proper instruction and execution.

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