Foot pain relief from wearing heels or working out

Out feet may be the most important, punished and neglected body part we have.  We can’t walk or stand upright without a big toe (try it).  Women cram their toes down in shoes to match tops and men wear steel toe boots,  plus we never take the time to give each other or ourselves the common courtesy of a foot massage.

Being more than 10lbs overweight and exercising can also take its toll on the arches of your feet. The tightness in your arch is caused by inflammation in the plantar fascia, the ligaments and tendons that run between your toes and heel bone.

TIP: One way you can relieve the discomfort is to take a golf ball or frozen water bottle and roll it under your feet for about 10-15mins a piece.   You can do this at the office or home.

Inflammation can lasts weeks or months, I personally battled nine months in my right foot and dread the day it comes back.  You can also take a towel under your foot and pull your toes back towards your nose.  Repeat as needed or if pain is unbearable you can take a high dose of prescription anti-inflammatory from your doctor, not the over the counter the stuff.

Treat the cause, not the symptom.


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