Your Body’s fat – know why

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Which is heavier,  a pound of FAT or a pound of MUSCLE??

The average person is 17lbs over their  ideal body weight.  The weight you want to lose is fat and not muscle.  Females have less muscle mass than a man of the same height and weight, therefor they always have more fat.

If you are female and prime childbearing age (18-30) then naturally your body wants to store fat to make babies.  If its winter time and cold outside, the body will want to store fat for insulation and warmth.  If you have a small or skinny frame your body will store fat around its vital organs for protection or just pack it there all together.

There is also essential body fat, this fat is needed for organ and tissue function, its essential your body have enough fat to live, but too much or too little can have negative health consequences.

Your body uses muscle to burn calories and stores the extra nutrition we eat as fat for energy.  If you want to lose 8lbs of fat you tap into your fat stores  and burn it off.  There are 3500 calories in one pound of Fat and to lose 8lbs you  have to burn  28,000 calories!!!

That may seem like a lot of calories, but break that down to how many times you eat and exercise a day/week and the numbers are more manageable.  How you choose to eliminate extra body fat is your choice.  There are many ways so choose the one that fits your lifestyle the best.

We all have things to do and being faster, stronger, leaner should be one of those things we strive for.

All of us can, if you will.


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