Want to get toned?

I believe a person requires 3 phases of self-awareness to find the healthy, toned body they desire.  These phases can take months or years depending on the person.  The phases are body awareness, metabolism and lifestyle change.  The end result is up to you.

Body Awareness happens in the first phase.  People become aware of what they put in their body for nourishment and why all the aches and pains they succumb too.  They find their strengths and weakness mentally, physically and emotionally.

Your metabolism will kick in during the second phase when you or your body decides that these little changes are for real going to stick this time.  The change in quantity and quality of food you consume plus the structured physical activities will help to shed excess fat and build lean muscle tissue (male and females).  The amount of calories you burn before and after workouts significantly improves and thus your muscle to fat ratio increases and you will start to see more tone and definition.

Now the real fun begins when you transition into the third and final phase.  All the soul-searching, calorie counting and body blasting workouts have taken their toll. You have made all these little changes and sacrifices and they all add up to a new you, a new lifestyle.  My favorite moment of all, when someone interrupts your life  to notice and appreciate your effort and new ways.  Nothing makes a person more proud than to hear their name followed by a compliment.

This is true success to me, that feeling you get when you have done something good or remarkable.  When you have made changes that have changed your body shape and health.  The energy you radiate will inspire others to be healthy and motivate them to become fit as well.

Some people measure success by how much money they have, how high the corporate ladder they climbed,  the new car or house they bought (on credit) or any other measurable outcome they deem worthy.   Not me, I like to feel success,  not measure it.  How much you feel, is up to you


About David Nuckols

Inspiring individuals to learn about the human body to motivate lifestyle changes that improve their own self-image

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  1. Great blog entry, David. In particular, I like your last thoughts…feeling success vs. measuring it.

    The hardest part for me was always gearing up my metabolism. Before losing all of my weight, my stagnant lifestyle and poor nutritional habits resulted in a very, very slow metabolism. But, once I got both of those “body awareness” keys under control, it was like all of a sudden I finally knew my body. I now know how to read it’s cues, and how it will react to the things I put into my mouth, as well as the actions I take to work them off 🙂

    I look forward to future entries.


  2. excellent point. Keep up the good work. Being in tune with your body is key

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