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Breakfast most important meal of the day.

Think of the two words



After rest or sleep (6-8hrs) the body needs “energy” to come alive and be productive.  When you awake after a rest or fast,   the first meal to break that fast needs to be a priority.  The foods you choose should be of high quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats.   Complex carbs are the best choice for slowing digestion and increasing fiber, eat meals high in protein to induce fatty acid mobilization and fat vs carbohydrate burn ratio.  Either way you have to break the fast and eat something.

The body makes glucose or sugar from what we eat and choosing more nutrient dense foods yields better skin, hair, nails and an overall better body.  Males and females require ample amount of glucose to function both mentality and physically, neglecting proper nourishment just might ruin your day.  Moms and Dads both have morning schedules or routines with and without kids so when I assess new clients its never about changing or altering their personal routines, I want them to explore and find new ways to add health foods and fitness to their daily life.  Breakfast is a great place to start.

I have simplified the choices, checkout these favorites, flavor to taste

1. english muffin PB and cheese

2. eggs – cheese

3. turkey bacon

4. oatmeal

5. yogurt/seeds and nuts

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  1. I really enjoy your articles. They are quick and humorous with tips that are simple to add to your routine. I look forward to your next post. What are your favorite healthy but tasty meals?

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