Grocery Shopping? take this list when you go

Going to the Grocery

10 resolutions for saving money at the grocery store.   Select one or adopt all 10 for 2010.   The important thing is that you stick with it and make positive changes.

1. Make a top-20: Comb your kitchen cupboards and the fridge to create a list of the top 20 products you buy the most. Research the price and spot a good sale when one comes along.

2. Stockpile: Keep an eye out for excellent sales or coupons for your top-20 items and stockpile them while they’re hot.

3. Prepare a menu: Check your pantry and fridge for items you already have and plan meals

4. Watch for regular sales: Items go on sale on a cyclical basis, such as hamburger once a month or turkey during the holidays.  Watch for these patterns.

5. Use coupons: Stop procrastinating and start clipping.

6. Don’t buy pre-packaged meals:
Cooking from scratch is healthier less expensive. Don’t pay for convience, buy cook and chop many breasts at the same time and freeze what you don’t need.

7. Join a co-op: A food co-op can reduce your weekly food bill up to 50 percent by volunteering and buying in bulk.

8. Shop early: Hit the grocery stores before 9 a.m. and you’ll have a better chance of finding sale items, particularly produce, dairy and baked goods.

9. Cut down on meat: Meat is a good source of protein, but can be expensive.  Substitute peas, beans, cheese, kale, peanut butter and other seeds and nuts for a big price reduction at check-out.

10. Use discount gift cards: Gift cards from big-box merchants like Target and WalMart can save money before you even hit the stores.

Top 10 Grocery Shopping Resolutions for 2010

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